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Why are animal onesies popular in 2018?

Social media alters every sequence of how we live our lives. Seeing your feed flooded with selfies, pictures of babies, romantic couple pictures, life events and beautiful sceneries is not an isolated case. That is our life now, every one of us. Some people may not understand why do animal photos flood our social media feed every day. (OK, I am one of them) Most of us are befuddled, others bristle, most probably because we are not inclined to having pets in general. Pet owners treat their furry pals as part of the family and posting their photos on social media is their way of showing how much they appreciate their pets. Some also use social media to boost their brands and gain followers. But others, like these pet owners, post their pet photos online because it makes them happy. Studies showed that people post pictures of their dogs up to six times a week.

Social media affects every fiber of our daily lives. From bridging gaps and creating connections to influencing our food choices, choosing excellent house and car deals, best universities, and even the clothes we wear as well as the hippest fashion trends.

The increasing demand for animal onesie raises a lot of questions. Why do people prefer wearing animal onesies over other pieces of clothing? Why dress up like our pets or other adorable animals if we can slip into a more conventional type of garment for humans?

Animals onesies are warmly received by the public because it alludes to a being playful, innocent and childlike. People long for nostalgia, we love to reminisce how we are as a child. We love to go back to the days when we are still innocent and optimistic. People today, especially the young ones, love to dress up. We goof around in costumes and we hide behind masks. We love to be with our friends. And like kindred spirits, friends who love to dress up in animal onesies have a very strong unity and connection. Group photos in animal onesies connote harmony and very lovely to look at. For professions involved in providing aid to the animals and wildlife, wearing animal onesies help them gain the animals’ trusts so they can give an utmost an effective quality of care. Animal onesies come in various designs so you get to pick what animal would you like to be.

Why do people like animal onesies? It can be just a costume to most people, but for some it is a way to feel that they belong to a group, avoid rejection and most of the time, it is a way to escape. For others, dressing up in an oversized animal onesie is more acceptable than those who dress up very sexually by leaving very little to the imagination. Some compared wearing onesies to the fashion style of a sub-culture like the Goth because their style is not generally acceptable and often deemed peculiar by the society. However, for most people, animal onesies are fun to wear. Onesies put a smile on everyone else’s face.

So how did social media affect the animal onesies’ rise to popularity?

  • People put a lot of effort into having the most unique, most trendy, and Instagram-worthy outfits every day.
  • Millennials comprise the bulk of the social media users today and as we know, they turn to their feed for every conundrum.
  • Ariana Grande, Cara DeLevingne, and Miley Cyrus are some of the young and hot celebrities who are often snapped wearing their onesies. These stars are well-recognized for their fashion style.
  • People are glued to their phones and laptops. They spend a lot of hours browsing whatever popped out in their feed.
  • Our social media accounts fuel our stalker tendencies. We feed on whatever is most liked by our group of friends.

Social media affects every facet of our daily lives. It can be a minor shift or a life-changing decision. Animal onesies become a massive hit because it combines two of the most adorable things in the world: our furry pals and an awesome fashion style.

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