Shipping — Kigurumi Co



Kigurumi now offers EXPRESS SHIPPING! All of your favorites are now shipped to you from our new US warehouse in 2 business days! Try express shipping now!

Note: The shipping period, which normally takes 4 days, is only the preparation time where we process, prepare and dispatch your order. Delivery time is different.

Delivery times in the continental United States are 7-14 working days.*



Although we are an American company, we are also happy to ship to locations around the globe.

Please be aware that certain countries around the globe have very strict laws regarding certain products, and fulfilling an order to one of these countries may be prohibited. We ask that you make sure that you are legally allowed to import our product into your country before placing any orders with us. We cannot accept responsibility for any orders that cannot be completed due to laws governing a country, but we will do our best to assist in any way possible. If you have any concerns, please contact your local government for further information.

*On some rare occasions our store will be out of stock, so we will ship directly from our warehouse overseas. This can take 14-21 working days.