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Wearing your Kigurumi to a convention

Various conventions which showcase the different passion and interests of people from all walks of life have been big in the recent years. The geek and otaku worlds are expanding rapidly case in point, the massive attendees during comic, anime and furry cons. In the past years, these conventions were perceived to be totally lame, nerdy and uncool but today, people flock and even pay just to be part of it.

These conventions are organized by private, non-profit groups who share the similar passion and interests with the enthusiasts. Most of these websites require people to fill out a registration form or create a membership profile to join the conventions. The organizers post schedules, maps, and plan of activities beforehand to give the fans, the furries, and the otakus an overview of the convention, enough time to prepare and sign up. Some of these websites post their registration rates so it is definitely not free of charge.

Wearing a Kigurumi and dressing up in a costume is not mandatory, everyone can come in their regular clothes. But will you miss this chance to show the world how you love your Kigurumis? Let’s admit it, we may be free to do everything we want and wear everything we like but we still hold ourselves back because no one wants to be ostracized for being too weird.

These conventions provide avenues to appreciate multicultural interests. A chance to be celebrated, to be welcomed and to belong. This is your time to be awesome. These gatherings are organized to praise those who embody their passion. These conventions are held to appreciate those who are part of the diverse, sub-community. Everyone is encouraged to dress up into their favorite anime characters, cartoon Kigurumis and sport their precious animal suits when joining the festivities. Seize this opportunity to enjoy the festivities together with the people who have the same inclination as you.

These are the biggest and most recognized conventions of all time. You can also see the highest concentration of people wearing Kigurumis and fursuits as well as cosplayers walking outdoors, enjoying performances and participating in games:

  • Anime North – This was hailed as the 4th biggest Anime convention in 2017. Anime North started in Toronto, Canada. Anime North is witness to how fans and enthusiasts celebrate anime, manga, music, games and all other forms of Japanese Culture!
  • Anime Boston - Anime Boston focuses on how to celebrate and encourage Japanese animation, pop-culture, and comics for three days. This annual convention happens in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Katsucon – Katsu is the Japanese word for “lively” and this 3-day fan convention is held in the D.C. Metro Area every year. This convention is for multicultural enthusiasts sharing the same interest.
  • Tokyo Comic con – This massive convention happens in the land where everything anime originated. Tokyo Comic-Con has been commercialized ever since the geek culture emerged successful in the recent years. This convention is a union of creativity, imagination, and diversity.
  • Comic Market (Comiket) – A three-day convention and one of the largest anime and manga fair in the world today. People flock to witness anime and manga evolution.
  • Anthrocon - is a furry convention held every summer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1997. Anthrocon is formerly known as the world's largest furry convention, with an attendance of 7,544 last year.

Wearing your favorite Kigurumis during these conventions is one of the most significant ways of supporting the cause. Be proud and put a little swag in what you wear. Always remember, you would not feel different if you are surrounded by people who share the same passion as you. 

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