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Wearing Your Onesies Outside: Do or Don’t?

The world has indeed become more lenient and forgiving to the non-conformists. We tend to accept diversity and recognize variety. However, no matter how fashion-forward and experimental the people are today, there is a handful who want to stick to the norms. Still, there are a lot of people who have strong feelings towards the definition of regular, daytime clothes. It is pretty difficult to discern which is acceptable and inappropriate to wear in public.

There is an ongoing debate on whether it is OK or not OK to wear your onesies outside the comforts of your own home. Others are disgusted to see people wearing their onesies on the street while several people admire those who would choose comfort over grandeur. So, the question is, is it really OK to wear your onesies outside?

We are baffled by the level of animosity between those who are against it and those who are for it. The people who opposed wearing daytime sleepwear strongly argued that it is a sign of letting yourself go and giving up on life. Those who welcomed the fad disproved the other side’s claim and clarified that they just adore the hottest trend.

Why do these people think that it is not ok to wear a onesie outside?

  • People are not open to the idea that pajamas and sleepwear can be worn outside during daytime.
  • Onesies are not yet accepted as regular street clothes
  • If not worn properly, people tend to flash more skin since onesies have front-open buttons
  • Onesies attract unnecessary attention, an awkward gaze, and a weird stare from the crowd
  • Onesies are deemed informal and inappropriate.
  • Should never be worn at work or any formal appearance
  • Alludes to a fashion suicide
  • Several school districts have barred sleeping clothes on the theory that they somehow inhibit students’ impetus to learn.
  • Wearing sleepwear is a sign of slovenliness or unprofessionalism
  • A sign of a deteriorating moral fiber
  • Wearing a onesie on the street implies that you're a lazy person who can't even put on jeans and a T-shirt or any regular clothes
  • Celebrities are trendsetters and looked up to as fashion icons, but not everything they wear is acceptable to the public.
  • The real problem with the onesie is not that it makes one look sexless, but that it makes one look like a child.
  • Kigu shoes should not be worn outside since concrete can destroy the fabric. So, you still need to find shoes that will match your onesie.

On the contrary, these are the reasons why most people prefer to do their day-to-day activities in their onesies.

  • Perfect for casual dining and get together
  • Easy to slip on, fuss-free
  • Comfy, cozy
  • Onesies are fun and different, unconventional and never boring
  • Cheaper than formal suits and casual attire
  • Ideal for conventions and quirky festivities
  • Onesies can be worn at different social events
  • These onesies are not form-fitting and can hide your flabby areas
  • The hottest trend in the world today.
  • Onesies connote a strong fashion- statement
  • The daytime pajama craze will continue to boom in the foreseeable future.
  • Equally appropriate to both men and women
  • Encourages a more gender-neutral fashion
  • Onesies provide comfort and human beings become less anxious, more positive and more productive when in a more relaxed state.
  • STYLIZED your onesies. Accessories accentuate your outfit. Be experimental and creative.
  • People view the daytime pajamas/onesie trend as progressive and can be comparable to how society accepted women wearing pants and right to vote.
  • “Bravado came from wearing onesies” – those who are audacious enough to wear onesies during daytime are the people who have enough confidence to carry themselves in public.


It is true that perception management is necessary as you climb the ladder of success but it should not be the center of your life. Self-respect and self-worth should not be dependent on the piece of garment that you wear. The words thrown to the people who wear onesies are not commensurate to the deed.  Wearing your onesies outside is not giving up on life. In fact, it is a way of loving yourself a little bit more. No one should be ashamed of embracing comfort over conformity.

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