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Onesies for your pets

It is a known fact that we treat our fur babies as our own kids. We care for them deeply, buy the things that they need, shower them with love and most of the time, we dress them up in cutesy pet clothes. In return, they give us their full loyalty plus a promise to never leave our side. These fur babies love their humans unconditionally.

Our canine and feline buddies deserve the best treats in the world and there’s no treat better than matching onesies. Let your fur babies feel that they are part of the family by wearing twinning outfits. We know how much you love them that is why we are giving you more reasons to jump into the pet onesie-bandwagon.


Why a pet onesie?

Aside from the snuggly and comfy feel, pet onesies provide an extra layer of warmth on a cold weather. Matching family onesies including our fur babies make for a perfect Christmas card. These onesies are also very effective post-surgical pet clothes and possibly, a more acceptable version of the “cone of shame”. Dressing them up in a onesie would keep them from scratching, biting or licking their wounds and stitches on their body.


Before you get your hands on a pet onesie ...

We’re pretty sure that we have given you more than enough grounds to grab those lovely onesies for your pets, but before making that purchase, consider the type of fabric and its characteristics. Some fabric may cause allergic reactions, so be very cautious in choosing the perfect onesie for your pet. Onesies should be lightweight, breathable, stretchy to allow maximum mobility, soft, durable, easy to wash and a zipper for potty for convenience. Most pet onesies offered by online stores used polyester, spandex, Peruvian cotton, flannel and of course, fleece.


Pet onesies are offered in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Snuggle suits, Pajoggers, hoodies and sweaters are additional styles to choose from. Pet onesies are not only preferred during the Holiday season but also adored all-year round. Our canine and feline pals deserve nothing but the best. Grab these onesies for your fur babies and make their lives paw-tastic and whisker—rific!



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