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Why are Kigurumis so expensive?

Kigurumis are originally intended as costumes for performers. The one-piece garment entails intricate details and should be made from materials of high quality. Fast forward to today, Kigurumis are no longer just costumes but comfy a sleepwear.


Generally, a sleepwear should not cost a fortune but Kigurumis seemed more expensive compared to the regular type of clothes. Why? The answer lies in the fabric and materials used in creating these cozy Kigurumis. Fleece is one of the most preferred fabric in Kigurumis because it is thicker than other types of fabric but thinner than wool. Polar fleece is perfect for winter clothes because of its insulation properties. This fabric is strong and machine washable. Aside from the materials, there are fewer Kigurumi sellers and manufacturers compared to those of the regular clothes. Kigurumis are often carried by specialty shops. If we are to apply the basic concepts of Economics, if demand exceeds supply, the price goes up.


The selling price of Kigurumis now is relatively lower compared to the prices before. There are more online shops carrying Kigurumis in various sizes and designs. Some of these shops ship internationally and some even offer free shipping. Nowadays, Kigurumis are more accessible and more affordable. If you would do a quick search now, prices will range from $60 to $105.


We offer Kigurumis from $60 to $80, a reasonable and decent price if you are after Kigurumis of premium quality. Our Kigurumis are extremely soft, cozy, and the go-to outfit for the chilly weather. Indulge in the comfort of our Kigurumis because YOU deserve nothing but the best.



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