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How to Have A Onesie Party?

Hosting a party can be pretty tedious especially if you need to plan for it all by yourself.  Of course, you want it to be unique, fun and unforgettable. But the problem is, you are clueless on where and how to start.

For starters, try having a onesie party. A onesie party is one of the easiest to organize. It’s like setting up a simple sleepover or a little pajama party. However, a onesie party is also perfect for those who want a heart-stomping, over-the-top, and ultra-quirky soiree. No need to call the super party pony, “Pinkie Pie”, (okay, I love My Little Pony, so sue me!) because it is your lucky day! We have listed down the things that you need to know in planning a onesie party. These are the things that you need to consider in coming up with an awesome party plan:

Let’s get this out of the way, consider the number of people coming to the party, venue and budget first then you can go from there. Once those three most important points were established the theme and food will come easy.

  • Number of Guests – Before planning for anything else think of how many people do you expect at your party. This is the baseline data that you need to gather. Will you be holding an all-girls slumber party? An all-boys game night? Will it be an exclusive-for-close-friends-only party? The number of guests is a vital piece of information because it will determine what venue is appropriate for your party.


  • Venue – The venue sets the tone of the party. If your venue swept your guests’ hearts away on their first glance, then your party is a sure winner. Your room or your house can host a party of fewer than 10 people. If you have a bigger house or a big veranda or backyard, big garage or any big space then you can go for more than 10 less than 20 people. For a really big crowd, we would recommend a bar, a function room, or an events place to accommodate the number of guests. Remember, everyone will be wearing a onesie, you do not want to squeeze your guests in a small space. Onesies are warm enough, we do not want them to be sweaty.


  • Budget - Allot enough if you will be hosting the party alone. Expenses should be properly allocated for food, venue (if you’ll rent out a place), sound system and other party needs. However, if everybody agreed to have a potluck then all you need to worry about is the place and theme.


  • Theme – What’s a onesie party without an official theme? It’s time to be the dorkiest party planner so feel free to choose from this vast array of party themes:


  • The Real Party Animals – Nothing else can be more meta than this. Ask your guests to wear their awesome animal onesies and party like real party animals!
  • Anything Kawaii – This is a no-brainer. Set your theme to anything kawaii and expect nothing else but a party close to perfection. We are so sure that your guests will be on their cutest onesies ever.
  • Adorable Cartoon/Movie Characters – Entertain your guests with a party full of well-loved cartoon and movie characters.
  • The Superhero Bunch – A party plus superhero onesies equals AWESOME.


  • Food – Go for something light, ideally finger foods, chips, fries, can be pizza, popcorns, sweets, ice cream. A potluck is perfect if you are planning for a small party. Or better yet, ask your guests to bring something that they want. The food choices also depend on your theme.
  • Program/Activities/Games - Decide if you want a pretty laid-back party, all rowdy, or a nerdy stickler for rules and schedules. You can also have games and activities that match your theme. The music should set the mood of your party.

The list should help you plan the most awesome onesie party ever. You can thank us later.

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