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Celebrities Who Love Onesies

Movie stars and TV personalities make a living by looking glamorous and stunning on and off screen. We often see them wearing trendy clothes from signature brands, bespoke dresses, outfits which are tailor-made for their posh lives. If they live up to the challenge by being dolled up for hours, every day in fancy clothes, they will be asked to endorse a clothing line of a multi-billion fashion house and voila! that’s when the money starts rolling.


These stars should look perfect to the public eye. A wrong choice of outfit is obviously inexcusable and would blow their careers smithereens in one fell swoop. Their clothes, accessories, bags, coats, shoes, and ties should be meticulously coordinated. Anything less than perfect is not fashion-icon material.


But let’s not forget that these stars are human too. They also want to wear something cozy and something comfy to cover them in one go. And we could not think of any outfit more comfortable than onesies. Here’s the list of the celebrities and famous personalities who have pledged their allegiance to the onesie fandom:


  1. Cara DeLevingne – She is at the top of her game for walking the runways of the most exclusive fashion houses in the world today. And we all thought that she would not be caught dead wearing a onesie. Well, we are (damn!) wrong because she was snapped in her cute onesies multiple times. Apparently, she loves its comfy feel so much that she expressed her intentions to launch her own line of onesies. DeLevingne owns a tiger onesie, pizza-printed onesie, and a superhero onesie. How adorable!


  1. Ariana Grande – This charming belter is born to wear onesies. (She looks beautiful and cute in all photos!) She was photographed wearing a pink pastel unicorn onesie, a brown squirrel, and the grey mouse onesie during a performance with Miley Cyrus. How can someone look so lovely while dressing up as a grey mouse? C’mon! The world is so not fair!


  1. Miley Cyrus – We expect nothing less from this quirky Disney child star turned performer turned Twerk pioneer. She donned racy costumes and out-of-this-world outfits. She had those wild and unconventional streaks. Honestly, we expected her to have a more peculiar taste in choosing her onesies, but it seems that even a strange artist like Miley is vulnerable to the power of the Unicorns. (unicorn onesies are more of a mainstream choice)


  1. Meghan Trainor – “The All About the Bass” singer frolicked and pranced around wearing her adorable giraffe onesie in the music video of her song “Me Too”. She was also snapped wearing a unicorn outfit during an interview.


  1. Rihanna – The gorgeous singer is one of the most fashion-forward artists in the industry today. She always looks stunning and bold. She is not afraid to try something new. Aside from her singing prowess, Rihanna engaged in a lot of collaborations with fashion lines and clothing brands. However, outside her edgy style, she also enjoys lounging in her onesies.


The list does not stop there. The female stars dominated the list but there are gents who totally enjoyed goofing around in their onesies. One Direction members, Justin Bieber, and even Norman Reedus were caught wearing one. These hotties exude machismo and not a speck of masculinity was taken away when they donned one. (Swoon!) How could they look even dreamier in a onesie?


These celebrities were deluged with praises and adornment by their fans every time they are snapped in their onesies. This only proves that these celebrities are loved for who they are, not from what they wear.

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