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How to choose your first Kigurumi

So, by now we know that your mind is all set on buying your precious Kigurumi. It’s way past due and you wanted to be sure that it is the closest thing to perfection. The craze remains to be successful and Kigurumis emerged to be a seemingly profit-generating niche from when it was launched until today. Everyone wants to capitalize on its popularity and as expected there will be a swarm of business-minded people who will not hesitate to sell imitations and cheap knockoffs. In turn, consumers are expected to be a little wiser. We are required to be meticulous to make sure that we will get the value of our money.


But how will you know that what you are buying is the perfect Kigurumi?  All Kigus are cute and adorable, they are obviously made to capture attention, so let’s focus on other things that matter.

The fabric reveals the extent of the product’s quality. Shops which sell 100% authentic Kigurumi guarantee that they use materials of premium quality. These shops pride themselves by making sure that all their Kigurumis are neatly stitched and properly sewn. Of course, this option is only possible for those who purchase from a physical store. Being able to see the product gives you a chance of doing a quality check. On the other hand, online shoppers will not have a chance to scrutinize their Kigurumis until they get a hold of it. Unless they snoop around the product reviews section, any information about the item is just a pre-conceived notion. In addition to this, shops assure their customers that the Kigurumis they carry passed the safety and health regulation standards. This means that the Kigurumis will not cause hypersensitivity or any skin allergies.

There is no hard and fast rule that handpicks a premium quality Kigurumi from a low-priced knockoff.  Nevertheless, we compiled a guideline that will help you sort out the characteristics of a high-quality Kigurumi. Look for the Kigurumi that perfectly resembles the character that you are gunning for. In a nutshell, you want intricate and spot-on details. Features should be in perfect symmetry. Kigurumis should also have elastic wrist and ankle cuffs. This is a very loose type of garment so these cuffs are extremely handy. The type of fabric depends on your preference but in general, it should be soft to touch. It is also necessary that your Kigurumis are machine washable and can withstand repeated washing.  Stores also include detailed instructions on how to properly wash your Kigus.


The price of a Kigurumi ranges from a little over $60 to $100. This price range is fairly decent. Knock-offs are offered at a cheaper price, usually less than $20. Kigurumis are offered in vast array. There are animal designs, Disney and Pixar cartoon characters, Pokemon and the Animegao, a type of Kigurumi but with an oversized mask of an anime character. Set your heart out on a design and be anything that you yearn for. The choices are endless and your imagination is boundless. So how will you choose your first ever Kigurumi? The answer is – very carefully.

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