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Choosing the best onesie

Not all of us are blessed with a good fashion sense. Most of the time, we layer clothes and dress up like a bag lady. (especially during weekends!) Many of us are not sure what color goes with cerulean, what pattern matches plaid and will your top look good with a poncho. When conflicted with too many options, humans tend to be indecisive.

Do you think you can throw anything on and wing it? Animal print? Stars? Or those awesome superheroes’ designs? – are you having a hard time in choosing the perfect onesie? The fad continues and its reach is getting wider every hour. The variety of designs, styles, and patterns is an obvious reason for headaches and uncertainty. We see famous celebrities and regular people in their onesies and we also know that your fidgety hands want to click that “BUY NOW” button.

We do not want you going anywhere near the road to buyer’s remorse, do we? Before you spend your precious moolah, here are the things to consider in choosing a perfect onesie.

  • Occasion - Determine your purpose of wearing a onesie. If you intend to use onesies as sleepwear, ditch the tail. You want your onesie as comfy as possible and onesies with tail get in the way a lot of times. The bottom line is, avoid those onesies with complicated styles, be simple. You are gunning for a deep slumber not the “Best Halloween costume” award. Flaunting your onesie outdoor is a totally different thing. Go as avant-garde as you like. Be a scene-stealer.


  • Weather – This is a no-brainer. Go for onesies made from polyester and fleece during the cold weather. These should give you extra warmth and provide maximum comfort. On warmer days, choose onesies made from terrycloth, cotton, flannel, and satin. Cotton for its absorbing properties and terrycloth’s lightweight and thinner fabric are the usual choices.


  • Size – Onesies should be baggy and loose. This type of clothing should never be form-fitting and mobility-restricting. Onesies are all about comfort. Choose bigger sizes and consider the wrists and toes cufflinks if there are any.


  • Fabric –The type of weather influences our choices of fabric so these two should be considered congruently. Light and thinner fabrics like flannel is the most popular choice during spring and summer months. Polyester and Fleece are in demand during the winter. Do not be satisfied with the fabric’s texture. It is expected that those fabrics are soft and cozy. Perhaps, we should be looking for their other striking characteristics that can be beneficial for us.


  • Style – Will you be wearing this to goof around or as a fashion statement? This entirely depends on your personal preference. Put a personal touch in your onesie. No girls can resist the unicorn chic. (I’ll take the unicorn onesie in a heartbeat!) Manly men can always choose the superhero onesies. Animal lovers are luckily presented with generous choices. Animal onesies are always available in all online stores selling onesies. Couples would most likely favor matching onesies. You should also consider the parts of your onesie, some would love footies, some won’t. Others prefer hoodies while some people would not want to cover any part of their face and head. Most people also think of how to relieve themselves during bathroom breaks while wearing onesies. Some like onesies with rear flaps and zippers.


Though we know the gentlemen will be iffy on wearing onesies, most onesies are unisex and do not favor one gender only. So be a stunner in your own right. Be daring and bold.

  • Price – Onesies are sold somewhere between $60 to $80. Given the price, onesies are more expensive than other types of clothing. Thicker types of fabrics are used to fully serve onesies’ purpose of providing extra warmth and comfort. The price is reasonable if the quality of the onesie lived up to your expectation. There are also some onesies on sale for more than $80 to $110 dollars, still reasonable if these are really, impeccably cozy.


  • Accessibility – Various online stores offer onesies with shipping charges. Several stores also ship items internationally. All you need to do is go online, surf the web, look for a good deal then make that purchase.


The list does not end here. Remember, you can wear any outfit you like but do not forget to bring a lot of self-confidence with you. Put a little swag in it. Being able to carry yourself well leaves a good impression. Wow the crowd and be proud!

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