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What fabric are onesies made of

Onesies are generally regarded for their coziness and intended to be worn for sleeping. Before the craze took the market by storm, this type of garment was usually made from a certain kind of fabric that provides comfort and a snuggly feel, which are perfect ingredients in achieving that elusive deep slumber. However, the rise in the onesies’ popularity seemed directly proportional to the increase of the market’s demand for the apparel. Today, onesies are no longer just a sleepwear but also a type of outfit that can be used by anyone, whenever and wherever. In relation to this, the brilliant minds of the people behind the onesie trend capitalized on the need and give in to the public’s request of making onesie wearable in whatever occasion. They offered variety and in turn, we can now see that onesies are tailor-made using various types of fabric.
A consumer will consider certain standards before shedding off their hard-earned cash. One of those requirements is the type of fabric used in making the cloth. The fabric is the second criterion that most buyers will ponder on, while the style and the clothing’s general appearance are the utmost priorities. Shoppers will not purchase an apparel which they deemed uncomfortable to wear.
Onesies should be comfortable, stretchy, breathable, easy to wash, lightweight and most of all, affordable. These characteristics could be difficult to look for but fear not, because we compiled a list of the fabrics commonly used for onesies:

o    Fleece

This type of fabric is highly recommended by onesie-lovers and ideal in cold weather because of its insulation properties. Fleece is soft, cozy, lighter than wool, easy to wash and long-lasting. In addition to these, fleece can also be worn during the warm season because it is breathable and dries easily.  Most furry onesies are made from fleece.

o    Cotton

Obviously, still one of the best and most commonly used fabric in almost all type of garments. Cotton is known for its absorbing abilities, which makes it ideal for hot weather. It is also breathable, comfortable and hypoallergenic.

o    Satin

Technically, Satin is a type of weave so we will be describing its raw form, silk. This type of fabric is very smooth and usually characterized by a glossy surface. Onesies made up of satin are perfect for warm weather because it is thin and breezy.

o    Terrycloth

Onesies made from terrycloth are best for outdoor activities on a warm day. It is lighter and thinner than fleece which is perfect for activities requiring energy and mobility.

o    Polyester

Essentially made from plastic, this type of fabric would provide warmth because of its good insulating abilities and is ideal during a cold weather. It traps heat inside depending on its thickness.

o    Flannel

Initially made from worsted yarn but extracted from synthetic fiber, cotton, and wool today. Flannels are soft and can be worn on a not-so-cold and not-so-warm weather.

o    Chiffon

Often used for animal onesies. Chiffon is light and could be another fabric you’ll prefer on a warm season.
The list above should help you decide in choosing the right type of onesie. Men will go for the cotton and fleece’s onesies while women will go gaga over satin or even the chiffon type. Your fabric of choice will depend on your purpose and taste. Picking the right fabric is a step closer to finding the perfect onesie for you, maybe a soulmate too, if you’re lucky.
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