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Red Bull Onesies

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 Toro! Toro! You know how vicious and ferocious bulls are; they're big and heavy creatures but they can also run fast. Each bloodshot red eye is glued onto the target, nostrils flared, horns at the ready. With one hoof sliding back and forth on the ground, a few waves at the bright red cloth the bullfighter is holding, and it's off. Bulls are commonly known to be aggressive animals that charge at any object they see. So you better be careful not to wear one of our Red Bull Onesies to the next bullfighting event, you just might be the toro's next target!

And you might not be able to wear this in there either. Since these onesies are made from high-quality flannel, the material used is more suitable for the low-temperature weather. Flannel is a thick, super soft, and fluffy material which will keep you warm on those cold winter nights. So these onesies might not be a good idea to wear in the hot sunny days anyway! The black elastic wrist and ankle cuffs on each onesie help trap the heat within the garment, guaranteeing that you'll stay warm enough during the beginning of snow days.

You want an angry bull featured in our Red Bull Onesies, then an angry bull is what you'll get. At the front of the bright red full sleeved onesie is where you'll find the full button closure so you can easily put it on and take it off. Moving to the back of the onesie and you will see a tail that will whip around as you move about, and below that is a back zipper which you'll find out the purpose of it once you get it. Finally, the moment you've been waiting for, a hoodie which features a furious but still adorable bull face complete with infuriated eyes, and pairs of ears and horns sticking out. Go ahead and take this magnificent toro home with you!

Color Red
Fabric Flannel
Recommended for Men and Women
Sizes S, M, L
Ideal during Winter, Halloween Parties, Cosplay Events
Design and Style Red bull inspired onesie, full sleeves, baggy, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, full front button closure, tail, back zipper, hoodie with symmetrical features
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash, do not iron, do not bleach, washing max 30 degrees.


Sizing Guide Shoulder to Ankle Measurement in cm
S 148-157
M 158-167
L 168-177
XL 178-187