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Purple Rainbow Panda Onesies

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Are you an animal lover? Is a panda bear one of your favorite animals? Don’t you just love its calm and leisurely demeanor? The panda just looks so gentle and loving that you want to hug them tight. Do you want to dress up as your favorite panda bear? With our adult onesies, now you can!

Feast your attention on our Purple Rainbow Panda Onesies which offer you so many amazing benefits. This onesie comes in colorful purple and rainbow pastel colors that looks so girly. These onesies have hoods with cute purple bear ears, purple dopey eyes, and a tiny button nose. You can also decide if you want to buy the onesies with the slippers or just the onesies. 

There are several benefits to this onesie to convince you to purchase it. Our Purple Rainbow Panda Onesies for Adults also provide superior warmth and comfort when you are feeling extra cold due to the changing seasons. It feels like wearing a thick coat of fur from the giant panda itself.

In addition, these onesies have elastic wrist and ankle cuffs that come in the color red. This feature guarantees that the heat never escapes your body. The gartered sleeves and pants let you walk, run, and jog as you please. This one-piece suit also has side pockets to store your mobile phone, wallet or extra money.

Another notable feature of our product is that it also includes one pair of yellow kigurumi shoes to complete the panda look. These shoes are so cute because they look like panda feet with claws. The suit also has a button-down front closure making it convenient to change clothes. The onesie also has a back zipper which makes it easy for you to use the toilet without taking the whole suit off.

Are you loving the features of our Purple Rainbow Panda Onesies? What are you waiting for? Order this amazing product now!

Color Purple, Rainbow Pastel
Fabric Flannel, Polyester
Recommended for Men and Women
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Ideal during Winter, Spring, Costume parties, Comic conventions, Fall, Sleepovers, or any occasion
Design and Style Full sleeves, hooded, button front closure, lightweight, baggy, a cute tail, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, back zipper, side pockets
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizing Guide Shoulder to Ankle Measurement in cm
S 148-157
M 158-167
L 168-177
XL 178-187