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Pink Kangaroo Onesies

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Kangaroos are such amusing animals because of their unique facial and physical features. These native Australian marsupials are known to be active and are very protective mothers to their offsprings. They have perky ears, very fluffy fur, and long limbs that they use in hopping around the vast areas of Australia.

Be as gentle and as graceful as the kangaroo and capture everyone’s attention with our Pink Kangaroo Onesies. This amazing piece combines comfort and style in one great costume that you can enjoy as a party get-up or just casual wear, the choice is all yours. Made from polyester, you can be sure of the very cozy feeling this will give you. The elastic wrist and ankle cuffs are added to provide room for movements. The button front closure will make changing into this overall very easy while the baggy fashion will give you enough space for all the dancing you will do at all the parties you will strut this outfit into. The hoodie is decorated with a whimsical kangaroo mouth, nose, and ears. You also have the famous kangaroo pouch with a matching kangaroo baby to make the whole outfit come together. This variant has a variety of colors to choose from, ranging from a fun orange to a lovely hue of blue.

Strut your way into any costume parties without the hassle of a complicated costume! Just slip this on and make everyone's day a little brighter with all the fun details.

Set up the most amusing date night at home and wear our Pink Kangaroo Onesies! Your sweetheart will really have a great time cuddling and just enjoying quiet time together, in style of course!

Buy something you can use for a lot of great reasons, grab our Pink Kangaroo Onesies now!


Color Pink, Blue, Orange
Fabric Polyester
Recommended for Men and Women
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Ideal during Pajama party, sleepovers, winter and fall
Design and Style Full sleeves, hooded, symmetrical features, button front closure, lightweight, baggy, a cute tail, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, side pockets
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizing Guide Shoulder to Ankle Measurement in cm
S 148-157
M 158-167
L 168-177
XL 178-187