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Naruto Short-sleeved Onesies

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Have you dreamt of becoming a ninja in Konoha when you were young? Perhaps you still want to, but you are a bit old to start and enroll at Ninja Academy. Nonetheless, you can still fulfill your dream of becoming the best ninja of Konoha! You just have to get these Naruto Short-Sleeved Onesies. This jumpsuit will take you back to your childhood memories.

The Naruto Short-Sleeved Onesies emulate Xiaozhi's and Naruto’s coats. Each short-sleeved onesie has a hood with a rabbit's ears. The body— on the other hand— has different designs. The Xiaozhi-inspired onesie has cloud prints, while the Naruto onesie a detailed design of Naruto’s outfit on the show. These features can put a smile on everyone's face, especially if they are a fan of this Japanese animé.

However, that's not the only thing that this Naruto-inspired onesie has to offer. It also provides convenience because we all know how difficult it is to change your clothes. This onesie has a front zipper that makes changing your clothes a breeze. Just unzip it, and you can now take the garment off.

That's not all; our Naruto Short-Sleeved Jumpsuits have a back zipper. No need to remove the entire outfit when nature calls. Just unzip it, and you are good to go.

But if there's one thing that sets it apart from other onesies, that would be the style. This outfit is just above the knee. This way, you can run around like a true-blue ninja without sweating too much!

All these things and more are what you can get when you buy our Naruto Short-Sleeved Onesies. So what are you waiting for? Hit that "Add to Cart" button and be as powerful and as skillful as your favorite ninja in Konoha!

Color Black
Fabric Cotton, Polyester
Recommended For Boys, Girls
Sizes M, L, XL, XXL
Ideal during Summer, Spring, Halloween, Costume Parties, Cosplay Conventions, Daily Wear, Sleepwear
Design and Style Short-sleeved Naruto-inspired onesie, with symmetrical features on the hood, front zipper, butt flap, and above-the-knee length shorts
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizing Guide Shoulder to Ankle Measurement in cm
M 158-167
L 168-177 
X 178-187
XXL 188-197