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Little Unicorn Onesies

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Unicorns have always been present in any child's imaginary world. These colorful and seemingly affectionate one-horned horses vary from every young mind: some have wings while some do not; others see them with manes and tails with the colors of the rainbow while others have only one color; some unicorns even have headpieces like tiaras, hats, a bow, colorful clothes, sparkling shoes and many more! Nothing beats the endless and infinite creativity of the youngsters. Which is why it would make sense to give them a onesie dedicated to the magical creature they adore so much. Introducing our Little Unicorn Onesies!

Yes, we hear you. We're dedicating a onesie suited for your princes and princesses. Not only do they officially have attire for their next sleepover or pajama party, but you've also got them a garment that can help keep them warm in the fall and even on the first few weeks of winter! Our Little Unicorn Onesies are made from flannel which helps protect your little ones from the cold. Due to its material, we can ensure that your kids will not only feel warm wearing our onesies, but they'll also be comfortable and cozy thanks to the material's soft and plush quality as well as the elastic wrist and ankle cuffs in each onesie.

Of course, our Little Unicorn Onesies won't be named as such if they don't look the part. Each onesie features a light purple bodysuit with a pair of pink wings at the back and a pink tail just below them. The pink underbelly also features a full front button closure, and these onesies have lots of pockets: one on each side, and another at the back which you can close with a zipper. Your child will undoubtedly be the cutest unicorn anyone will see when they slip on the hoodie that features a unicorn's face, ears, and a horn. Give your child a magical time with our onesies!

Color Light Purple, Pink
Fabric Flannel
Recommended for Kids
Sizes 3T, 5T, 6T, 7T
Ideal during Autumn, Winter, Halloween Parties, Costume Parties
Design and Style Baggy, full sleeved, light purple unicorn-inspired bodysuit, pink underbelly, wings, tail, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, full front button closure, side pockets, back pocket with zipper, hoodie with symmetrical features, without shoes
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash, do not iron, do not bleach, washing max 30 degrees.


Sizes 3T 4T 5T 6T 7T 8T
Measurements in cm 85-100 95-110 110-120 115-125 130-140 135-145