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Kids Smiling Frog Onesies

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Children are playful, adventurous, and curious. They like to go to places you can't imagine. They love to run and hop around like a why not give them these Kids Smiling Frog Onesies? These one-piece bodysuits will take their imagination to a whole new level!

Our Smiling Frog Onesies are made of polyester material. This fabric has excellent insulating qualities that keep your baby snug and cozy during cold months. It can also trap the heat inside the suit so that your little one can stay warm, even when your child is outside your house.

Additionally, our Smiling Frog Onesies for kids have eye-catching styles that they will surely love. The hood of this onesie has a detailed face of a smiling frog that makes this jumpsuit appealing not just for kids but also for those people who see them wearing the outfit.

It also has a zipper on the back and in front of the Kigurumi. The front zipper lets your child take off her onesie by herself when she needs to change her clothes. The back zipper of the butt flap— on the other hand— enables your little one to go to the potty with ease. This way, she doesn't need to take off her onesie whenever she needs to use the toilet. She just needs to unzip the butt flap, and she's good to go.

Our Frog Onesies for kids are ideal for the Winter season. They can also be worn as costumes for Halloween or any event that requires your kid to dress-up. If your little girl is too tired to change her clothes after a long day, she can go straight to her bed and sleep well for she can wear it as a pajama.

Indeed, our Kids Smiling Frog Onesies are the perfect get-up of this season. What are you waiting for? Get this onesie for your child and let her hop her way to her destination!

Color Green
Fabric Polyester
Recommended For Kids
Sizes 3T, 4T, 6T, 7T, 8T
Ideal during Winter, Halloween, Costume Parties, Daily Wear, Sleepwear
Design and Style Baggy onesie with symmetrical facial features of a frog on the hood, long sleeves, elastic wrist and ankle cuffs, front zip closure, and a butt flap with zipper closure
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizes 3T 4T 5T 6T 7T 8T
Measurements in cm 85-100 95-110 110-120 115-125 130-140 135-145