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Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies

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Let your baby be the cutest bunny in town! You don't have to wait for Easter to let your little one wear the Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies. Now your precious "mini-me" can hop around in an adorable animal onesie that would surely amp the charm factor!

The Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies are made from the softest flannel. This type of material is very comfortable and gentle to wear.  These onesies have been designed to fit babies aged 0 to 17 months. Apart from the white as snow color of the onesies, you can find a light pink detail on the front center portion. The Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies have full sleeves and a front zipper closure. To add more cuteness to the onesies, there’s a hoodie that features a pair of ears in white and pink and the bunny’s lovable face!

If you feel like dressing up our baby in the Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies, go ahead! When it comes to these onesies, you can never go wrong! These can be worn on special occasions like when your baby is invited to a costume party. It's also very comforting to wear to bed most especially on cold and chilly nights. The Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies can also be worn on ordinary days. If you have the inkling to dress your baby in something truly delightful to look at then look no further! Grab that bunny onesie from the closet ASAP!

If your baby has taken a liking to the Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies, then you have to make sure you know how to keep them in the best condition possible! It’s best to hand wash the onesies with care. Don’t expose it to bleach as this could damage the fabric. Also, remember that the Cute White Baby Rabbit Onesies should not be ironed or exposed to washing temperature beyond 30C.
Color White
Fabric Flannnel
Recommended for Babies (0 to 17 Months)
Ideal during Cosplay, Costume Party, Sleepwear, Any occasion
Design and Style Full sleeve, Hooded, Without kigurumi shoes, Front zipper closure, cute Bunny ears
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizes 0 to 4M 5M to11M 12M to17M 18M to 23M
Measurements in cm (Height) 53-59 60-66 67-73 74-80