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Cute Puppy Onesies

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For all the dog lovers out there, you will agree that puppies are the cutest thing on earth. It's true they scratch, bite, take a dump everywhere, and basically, they make a mess all over the place, but one thing’s for sure, they're irresistible and nowhere near replaceable. When you've got a kid in the house, the chances of you getting a dog or a puppy are slim, sometimes, there's none. To make matters worse, you start to miss having a furbaby running around the house. To offer you a temporary solution, how about dressing up your baby into an adorable and trustworthy four-legged companion, a puppy. That's possible with our Cute Puppy Onesies.

Take one of these to your home and we bet that you won't be able to resist not putting it on your baby. Each of the Cute Puppy Onesies is made from super soft one hundred percent cotton that's safe for your child's delicate skin and enough to keep them warm, comfortable, and cozy, we wouldn't be surprised if your baby decides to doze off on this when the weather is starting to get pretty cold. Our onesies are the perfect apparel to wear on any costume party or any special occasion.

You'll definitely get more than what you would expect with these as our Cute Puppy Onesies are some of the few onesies which feature a complete ensemble. Each onesie has a bright orange body with a white underbelly and a long orange waggy tail. At the back is where you'll also find the zipper closure which is placed to prevent your baby's little hands from getting to it. No need to put on shoes as we have a pair of cute puppy paw footies to keep those tiny feet warm, and a snap-on separate hood which features a puppy's head complete with floppy ears.

Color Orange
Fabric Cotton
Recommended for Kids
Sizes 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, 24M
Ideal during Halloween Parties, Cosplay Events, Special Occasions
Design and Style Puppy-inspired design, back zipper closure, puppy tail, separate paw footies, snap-on hoodie with symmetrical features
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash, do not iron, do not bleach, washing max 30 degrees.


Sizes 0 to 6M 6M to12M 12M to18M 18M to 24M
Measurements in cm 50-53 54-59 60-63 65-68