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Cute Pink Poodle Onesies

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Poodles are stylish dogs. If you’re an avid dog lover and the Poodle breed is one of your favorites, you wouldn’t mind dressing your baby in this elegant jumpsuit. Even the most discriminating cat lover would have to admit that these Cute Pink Poodle Onesies are positively adorable. And while some doggy outfits really play up their canine aspects, this one cleverly highlights the features that everybody loves in any cuddly animal companion!

Who doesn’t appreciate the shaggy and comfy pink coat that surrounds the jumpsuit or the floppy ears attached to the hood? The stylish pink bows also complement the separate hoodie. The fabric is primarily made of cotton which is perfect to keep your baby warm during nippy nights. These are traits that you don’t find solely in dog or cat costumes: they speak to a part of us that don’t care to split hairs when it comes to small, sweet, fluffy creatures!

We don’t want to live in a world where people let their petty differences get in the way of an awesome onesie for babies. So don’t be ashamed to pick up one of these delightful poodle suits and get out the camera! The pink poodle bodysuit has a matching tail and shoe covers.

This onesie washes and dries easily too. It is very low maintenance. Only wash it by hand using warm soapy water. Do not put bleach and do not iron. Just hang dry after washing and store in a cool dry place when not in use. Sure, when this puppy is all grown up, he or she might be a little embarrassed by all the photos you took of the time they spent in this cute outfit.

But we think you’ll be more than okay with that when you see the prints! So, wait no more and order one for your baby today!

Color Pink
Fabric Cotton
Recommended for Baby Boys and Girls (6 mos to 24 mos)
Ideal during Sleepwear, Halloween parties, Cosplay events, Special occasions
Design and Style Separate fuzzy pink poodle headdress, Pink Poodle bodysuit with tail, Shoe covers
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash; Do not Iron; Do not Bleach; Washing Max. 30 degrees


Sizes 6M to 9M  12M 18M 24M
Measurements in cm (height) 65-75 76-85 86-95 96-105