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Cute Monster Onesies

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 As a parent, you've already gotten used to checking under your child's bed and inside the closet for monsters. It might seem silly to you, but you know how much it means a lot to your child. Little do they know, however, that they are your little monsters. One sad face from them and you'd do anything to make them smile, and their giggles and laughs are certain to brighten up your day. They can be your lucky charm or they can wreak havoc into your home, there's no in between. Regardless of the monsters that they seem to be, that shouldn't stop you from turning them to an even cuter monster with our Cute Monster Onesies!

Take a good long look and tell us you weren't completely in awe. We wouldn't be surprised if you were more fascinated than terrified. The appearance is as good as its quality; each of our Cute Monster Onesies is made from soft and comfortable cotton that's gentle on your baby's skin, and that's just the beginning of all the good things these onesies have to offer.

Our Cute Monster Onesies are light blue in color with a polka-dot underbelly. At the back of it, you'll find a snap-on closure with a zipper that partially zips up to the back, which is strategically placed to prevent your child's hands from getting injured. If your baby needs to go potty or in need of a quick diaper change, there's no need to take off the whole thing; you can just unbutton the snap-on buttons at the bottom for quick and hassle-free access to their bum area. To really get the feel of being a monster, have your child slip on the foot paw shoes and the snap-on hoodie and see if they start to look scary or even more adorable!

Color Light Blue
Fabric Cotton
Recommended for Kids
Sizes 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, 24M
Ideal during Halloween Parties, Cosplay Events, Special Occasions
Design and Style Separate monster headdress, attached mittens, zipper opening at the back of the neck, gartered ankle cuffs, button leggings, feet covers, cream colored underbelly with orange dots
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash, do not iron, do not bleach, washing max 30 degrees.


Sizes 0 to 6M 6M to12M 12M to18M 18M to 24M
Measurements in cm 50-53 54-59 60-63 65-68