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Cute Deer Onesies

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You've seen the movie, Bambi, right? If you have, then you're very familiar with the deer. If you haven't, you need to watch it first then come back later. Kidding aside, the deer is a gentle and beautiful creature with a graceful stride. These are one of the few animals with a loving motherly instinct (cue the saddest part of the movie) which is the perfect onesie to wear for babies with loving mothers.

Of course, we refer to everyone! Our Cute Deer Onesies are so adorable, you wouldn't be able to resist not saying "Awwwww!". Have your baby wear one of these onesies on Halloween, costume parties, and other special events. Trust us when we say you'll wonder why you found out about these onesies just now.

Our Cute Deer Onesies are made for babies 6 months up to 24 months so you can really start 'em young. There's no need to worry about the quality as these onesies are made from one hundred percent super soft cotton. Your baby will be comfortable and cozy wearing one of them, we wouldn't be surprised if they started dozing off in it, too!

Each onesie is a deer-inspired design featuring a brown body, gartered ankle cuffs with a white underbelly, and a cute red ribbon attached on its neck. At the back of the onesie is where you'll find the snap-on button and zipper closure that's placed there to prevent your child's hands from getting to it.

To make your baby deer look more convincing, slip on the deer "hooves" shoes to keep your baby's feet warm. Lastly, snap on the separate headdress in place that features a deer head with a pair of ears and antlers sticking out. Our Cute Deer Onesies will be the talk of the town. Grab one for your baby now!

Color Brown
Fabric Cotton
Recommended for Kids
Sizes 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, 24M
Ideal during Halloween Parties, Cosplay Events, Special Occasions
Design and Style Deer-inspired brown onesie with a big red ribbon, white underbelly, tail, gartered ankle cuffs, back snap-on and zipper closure, “hooves” footies, separate snap-on headdress with symmetrical features
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand wash, do not iron, do not bleach, washing max 30 degrees.


Sizes 0 to 6M 6M to12M 12M to18M 18M to 24M
Measurements in cm 50-53 54-59 60-63 65-68