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The Inventor of the Onesie: Winston Churchill

Rompers, pantsuits, jumpsuits and onesies. These are some of the hottest fashion trends which took the market by storm. We think that these pieces of clothing are adorable on babies and kids but we have never predicted that adults will go gaga over these outfits too. The history of onesies was traced back to the war-riddled years, from the 1930s to 1940s. The unforeseen trendsetter, is none other than the British Wartime Prime Minister and the Nobel Prize Winner, Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. Yes, you read it right! The Cavalier Colonel has a long list of impressive life achievements and now we can add “Inventor of the Onesie” in it.


The statesman and the history behind his “siren suit”


Before his political career took off, he publicly served his country as a valiant soldier. For a nation with an impending threat of war, everyone was on heightened alert, most especially militaries. During this time, the whole nation became accustomed to the sound of the air raid sirens as an indication of danger.  Sir Winston Churchill wanted something to be quickly worn in case of night-time air raids so he cleverly designed one. He strongly believed that this one-piece garment is the best outfit to wear during the World War II.


Even after the war, the former Prime Minister sported his onesie all the time. It was reported that he even asked Turnbull and Asser to assemble his siren suits for him. Churchill was obviously a creature of comfort since he chose to wear his romper suit during a state meeting with US President Franklin Roosevelt and several other formal occasions.


A nation in crisis and the rise of the “siren suit”


The throes of war brought crisis to the whole nation and every citizens’ basic needs were distributed through a strict rationing system to conserve supplies and resources. But as expected, supplies became scarcer each year including fabric. Women were forced to sew clothes with whatever was on hand and available during that time. Curtains and parachutes were just a few of those materials used to create dresses and undergarments during that time. Aside from the ongoing predicament that the nation had to go through, the rise of the “siren suit” was greatly attributed to Sir Churchill’s penchant for this one-piece garment.

Onesies: A timeless classic garment for everyone

Apart from its rich backstory, the onesie that we knew today also provides convenience and comfort to anyone who wears it. Unlike the rompers and the siren suits from the olden times, the onesies of today come in various designs and are infinitely more fashionable. These onesies are available for everyone - babies, toddlers and even those kids-at-heart.  

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