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Sailor Moon Onesies

Sailor Moon Onesies

  • Kigurumi Sailor Moon Onesies
    from $49.99

    Kigurumi Sailor Moon Onesies

    Sailor Moon is one of the most famous manga characters of all time. The story of a simple school girl who can transform herself into a magical char...

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  • Comfy Purple Sailor Moon Onesies
    Sold out
    Original Price $98.99
    Current Price $74.99

    Comfy Purple Sailor Moon Onesies

    Relive your childhood dreams as a sailor moon when you wear our Comfy Purple Sailor Moon Onesie. There can only be one witty sailor moon disguised ...

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  • Dazzling Sailor Moon Onesies
    Save 22%
    Original Price $63.99
    Current Price $49.99

    Dazzling Sailor Moon Onesies

    Love a very dainty hue of purple? How about becoming the pretty characters of Sailor Moon even just for a day? If you have a great affinity to both...

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Sailor Moon is all about girl power. Embrace your inner feminist, while still looking cute as ever, with this Sailor Moon Onesie.
It makes a perfect costume for comic-cons, Halloween parties or masquerades. But, you can also wear it every day. Enjoy the coziness of the rich material, and the warmth of this onesie on a daily basis. Who says that costumes are only for parties? Lounge around looking like you just stepped out of an anime or a manga. Play make-belief by yourself or with your friends while still being comfortable. The Sailor Moon Onesie will make your fantasies come true - the ones about the anime as well as the ones about convenience!

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