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Adorable Brown Chipmunks Onesies

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Do you want to be as adorable as Alvin and the Chipmunks? Well, it’s definitely the time where you can be one of Alvin’s Chipmunks. Or even as far as overthrowing Alvin himself to make your own chipmunk band with our Adorable Brown Chipmunk Onesie.

Gone are the days where you have to hide your inner child from the public eye because onesies are loved and accepted by society. Everyone loves the onesie movement, it does not only scream creativity, but it builds your individuality.

Celebrities, artists, musicians, and even Youtubers are proudly joining in the movement, and it goes with a good cause. It screams flexibility, comfort, and coziness.

If you want to rock it with your friends wearing our cute chipmunk onesie, and then you’re going to have a blast. We’ve tailored our onesie with the finest available material, so you won’t only look good, but you’ll also feel extremely good. So good you’ll be able to blend in perfectly into Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk music video.

Another great reason to wear onesies because it does an awesome job at hiding your belly bulge! Besides, onesies are usually one-size-fits-all.
This doesn’t have a definite shape; you can walk with confidence and swag with our adorable chipmunk onesies. You can share it with your friends and family if you want to so they can wag their onesie tail confidently as well!

Our Adorable Brown Chipmunk will change the way you think and feel about onesies. This comes with an adorable chipmunk face as its hoodie. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with our quality onesie.

Slumber party with your girlfriends and boyfriends will definitely be more on a different scale. Create your own Alvin and the Chipmunks band today!

Color Brown, white
Fabric Polar Fleece
Recommended for Men and Women
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Ideal during Winter, Costume parties, Comic conventions, Fall, Sleepovers etc
Design and Style Full sleeves, hooded, symmetrical features, button front closure, lightweight, baggy, a cute tail, kigurumi shoes not included
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash, Do not iron, Do not bleach, Washing max 30 degrees


Sizing Guide Shoulder to Ankle Measurement in cm
S 148-157
M 158-167
L 168-177
XL 178-187