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What is Pusheen?

Not a one-hit wonder - Pusheen has been charming its way into society’s consciousness for almost eight years. The tabby kitty captured the hearts of not only the cat lovers but also those who are suckers-for-anything-adorable. This grey, snuggly and cuddly member of the feline family, skyrocketed to fame in July 2010. Its creators, Claire Belton and Andrew Duff launched the character in their Everyday Cute tumbler page in May 2010.


Pusheen is from the word “puisin”, which is the Irish term for “kitten”. It was also based on Belton’s childhood cat. What started out as an animated webcomic series turned out to be a massive success in no time.


Unlike any other internet cats, Pusheen’s popularity is not short-lived. The public’s warm reception brought about the creation of a website, dedicated for everything Pusheen, “I Am Pusheen The Cat”. Over the years, the flabby gray cat gained millions of fans and followers. Pusheen’s rise to fame is transparent on every social media platform. It appears as one of Facebook’s sticker sets until today.

Its irresistible cuteness catapulted the flabby kitty into the spotlight. Apart from fan pages and other platform’s adorations, the creators started to capitalize on Pusheen’s popularity through merchandising. A necklace and a charm keychain were the first products sold on the Everyday Cute website. The scheme spread like wildfire and avalanched to a massive income-generating venture. Online boutiques collaborated with the creators and started to carry a line of products that featured the adorable feline.


Clothing apparels, lovable accessories, furry plushies and a lot more, Pusheen merchandises sprouted like mushrooms not only in the online market and but also in physical stores all around the world. We can also find fuzzy Pusheen slippers, spiffy hoodies and the oh-so-cute and comfy Pusheen onesie, we can sport a whole outfit featuring this chubby kitty.


The reign of Pusheen is, indeed, far from over. There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular merchandise’s design today.  So, scoot over, Garfield, Grumpy Cat, and Lil Bub! The proverbial flabby, grey tabby cat is here to stay.

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