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What do you wear under a Kigurumi

The Kigurumi craze is upon us. By this time, we are certain that you already have one or more of this in your closet or maybe a cute Kigurumi stuck in your online shopping cart. Though almost everyone still considers this as a sleepwear, we can’t help but wonder if need to wear something under it or we can totally get away with it – commando style!


We know you are fighting all the urge to flaunt your adorable outfit so here are some tips on what to wear under a Kigurumi under each circumstance:


  • Indoors or Outdoors?

First things first, consider where will you sport your Kigurumi. If you feel vegetating at home and not do anything, then you’re good with just your undies or a camisole. You can also go with lighter pajamas for a warmer and more snuggly feel. For activities outside, we would recommend tank tops, leggings or a pair of shorts. Kigurumis are mostly fastened by front buttons and zippers. Activities that require movements could unfasten these buttons and exposed a lot of skin. So be cautious and wear something underneath.


  • Weather

Of course, if you need to be outside in your kigurumi during a warm day go for a white shirt or something very thin and light. Think bandeaus, tank top, shorts, and leggings. You do not want to be all sweaty. On a cold nippy day, stick with a shirt and pants under your Kigurumi.



  • Bathroom breaks

This piece is more applicable to people wearing Kigurumis outdoors. One of the disadvantages of wearing one-piece garments is that you’ll surely go through the difficulty of removing everything before relieving yourself during a bathroom break. With this in mind, try not to wear complicated clothes underneath your Kigurumi as these may further hinder mobility. We suggest something light and simple like tank tops or a pair of shorts and even a boyleg for girls.


Regardless of how thick or thin is your kigurumi of choice and how warm or cold is the weather outside, always wear something underneath.


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