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Onesie sizing guide

Onesies can be enjoyed by all and sundry. We carry onesies for men, women and kids. Our high-quality onesies are readily available and comes in a vast array of styles and designs. Onesies are quintessentially made for comfort therefore these onesies should never be mobility-restricting and form-fitting. It is important to keep in mind that these should be baggy and loose.

Your comfort is important to us so we put together a table of the sizes that we carry and the accurate sizing guide of our adult onesie for your perusal. Please note that the measurements below are based on your body measurements in centimeters and the equivalent sizes appropriated to each.

Adult onesie sizing guide

Shoulder to Ankle measurement in cm










For people who stand below 5’, we strongly recommend getting your onesies in small.





152.4 - 180.34

6''- 6.11"




Apart from the dimensions above, these are the things to consider in choosing the size that will perfectly fit you:

  • Style – Onesies come in footless and footed style. This is a main set back for those getting the footed onesie, you need to know if the onesies will fit the length of your feet aside from your height. You can also use the size of your shoes as reference when buying footed onesies. On the other hand, it is easier to purchase a footless onesie because you can just hike it up or down depending on the length of your extremities.
  • Fabric- You must be knowledgeable of which fabric shrinks or not. Be cautious in washing your onesies to avoid shrinkage and discoloration.
  • Always choose one size larger if your body measurements fall between two different sizes.
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